Yes I have done it. After months of postponing, procrastinating and tackling my priorities, I have finally done it. This baby has come into existence and now it’s in my hands to nurture it. And I promise you, I will.
A small slice of blame also goes to my friends and family members who used to mock the essence of a blog and highlight its lost prestige. It made me wonder, do people with fanciful writing, well-opinionated thoughts, intellectual minds and kickarse sense of humour have the only right to own a personal inter-web space? Are they the only ones allowed to have a following list that goes beyond the length of the Great Wall of China? That thought scared me. It made me wonder whether i’ll be able to establish Sweet Dreams in my world in today’s world of blogs.
Well, guess what? I’m not scared any more. I know I dream, and I dream big. If that dream of mine is comprehendible to even one soul out there. Then, my friend, my task is done. Gold stars for me.

You ask, what is this “dream” she is talking about? What are these “sweet dreams” in her “dreamy world”?
Apart from my obsession with Beyonce (as you would have figured), this name struck me when I woke up from a chocolate-covered dream, a few years ago. It wasn’t a dream where I was fast asleep with drool on my pillow. It was a dream that gradually grew over 3 years.
My dream of working in Vogue.
Before you start judging me, I want to warn you, I am not one of those girls who love fashion because they love shopping. I am also not one of those girls who want to be associated with fashion magazines because they loved Devil Wears Prada. As a kid, I used to wear red and pink combination outfits and wasn’t allowed to paint my nails till high school. So clearly my relationship has deeper and stronger roots. My love for fashion started when i read Coco Chanel’s life story, when I understood Helmut Newton’s fashion photography and when I researched Marie Antoinette’s fashion timeline.
I believe in my dreams. I know that if I think it’s realistic, it CAN happen.
Some people call it over confidence, I call it passion.
And someone once told me, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”.
Sweet Dreams in my world is not a narcissistic documentation of why I love fashion nor will it tell you that Chanel is legendary.
It will be a personal documentation about my life, my favourite things, my relationships, my culture. But I also won’t bore you with making it all about “me”.
It is just a small step towards my writing career.
It is a baby step towards my BIG DREAM. And I would love it if you walk beside me in that journey.

6 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. Hey Shitika. Glad you’ve taken the leap and created a blog. Can’t wait to read more.
    Also, I am sure you have it in you to be editor-in-chief of Vogue…as long as you don’t turn into Anna Wintour…I hear she’s a bit of a mole.

  2. Love it!! woot woot.. go you 🙂 wishing you oodles of fun and prosperity in the years ahead and the magical journey awaiting you. and shall there be many, many more coffees! xo 🙂

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