Internet has taken over my life

There was a time in our lives when we took the dog for a walk, had breakfast whilst reading the newspaper, baked a cake from scratch, went to the mall with girlfriends and spent hours on the phone with our lovers.
Since post-internet age, Betty Crocker and credit card shopping have conquered the world. The frequency of face-to-face communication diminished with the new millennium. What was once considered a social phenomenon and as today’s youth would say, “having a life”, are no longer for real.

There is a habitual urge to stay connected with the computer these days. After all, we want to win that bidding dress on ebay, upload the weekend’s photos on Facebook, check the lists on Twitter, reply to i’m-not-telling-you-the-number emails and flirt with that romantic partner on a public chat room. How would any soul be able to lift their eyes from their 16-inch device with such a monstrous list of things-to-do. So what if all of them are just a click away.

Generation Y(awn) is spoilt. They want everything NEW and FRESH. The latest technology installed on their gadgets, the fastest news server and the best quality of youtube videos. We don’t know what laid-back communication means. It doesn’t exist in our world. I say Generation YAWN because that is where this fancy technological-friendly era is leading us to.
Yawn. Lazy. Couch potatoes. Fat cows. Boring anti-social fools.

Frequent would be an understatement, this generation is constantly hooked on to the internet. Whether it’s emails, social networking sites, illegal streaming of TV series, ebay purchases, blogging…and i can keep going.

One may argue that these opportunities are a perfect platform for exploration of worldly activities whilst sitting in their backyards. Although after a period of time, these experiences become monotonous and repetitive. It becomes a dirty habit leading to an anti-social lifestyle. Why would you want to leave the comforts of your house and get out of your pyjamas to meet a friend, when the awesomeness of Skype awaits on your desktop? The raging debate of whether Gen Y is ready to pay for their news, comes in right context here. If we are able to get our daily news on the internet, free of cost, then why go through the costly procedure of buying a newspaper everyday? Even fashion labels have become smart, they give the customers further discounts if they purchase online. Now I am a little picky when I buy my clothes – I don’t have a perfect Jessica Alba waist-to-hip ratio – but there are women (and men) who extensively shop online. The idea of entering a fitting room, with 4 items or less, seems like an once-upon-a-time alike story to many Gen Yawners’.

A technology that originally initiated faster communication has transformed to zilch personal communication. It makes me wonder, has the internet imprisoned us? We have become slaves to our screens, no doubt in that, but have we forgotten the good ol’ days of ‘catching up over coffee’? I can’t figure out if this is an anti-social habit or just laziness. If I have 500 Twitter followers and 400 Facebook friends, I’m clearly NOT anti-social. Right? In my defence, if I physically don’t give them my bear hugs and air kisses, I do ‘xoxo’ them online. That counts? Yes?

But on a serious note, have we started talking less? I wont be surprised if I read a news slug in my Weird news email wire (Yes I get news wire emails, don’t glare at me) about a boy who lost his voice because he was an internet-addict. Ouch.

That makes me a little sick in the stomach. I think I need to stop writing this post and return those phone calls. Now while I go for lunch with my parents, make sure you leave your comments below. I’ll get its notification email on my iPhone anyway.

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