An affair to remember

Wedding season is huge in India. When the country’s wedding bells start ringing in October, they don’t stop until February. This is also when the northern hemisphere weather graces the country with chilly winds and foggy mornings. Perfect matrimony in perfect weather.

Often branded as the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING (much before the Greek one), I am convinced that it is grandeur. The amount of energy, enthusiasm, ideas and money needed in planning one of these is beyond imagination. A white wedding’s counterpart is an Indian wedding, which is inundated with colour. A painter’s colour pallet metamorphoses to the wardrobe of every wedding goer. There is a splash of pink, yellow, red, green, turquoise… you name it, it is there. A wedding is incomplete if the bride’s arms and feet aren’t camouflaged with henna, which is a symbol of purity. I knew irony and tradition were never best of friends.

While Elizabeth Hurley successfully hosted her royal wedding in an Indian heritage fort, Heidi Klum and Seal had a low-profile wedding (read: renow vows) on a beach.
And then there are the locals, who put the spotlight on traditional ceremonies, hospitality, ethnicity and preserving the oldest-known culture.

In the photos below (snapped by moi), the small ceremonial celebrations don’t depict even one-third of the real deal in an Indian wedding. You have to attend one to realise the extent of it all.

And if you do, I promise you’ll return with a lot more than mere memories.

You’ll be given some useless presents, all the extra flower bouquets, your arse will be home to an additional 2 kilos, and your brain will be imprinted with the lyrics of a hopeless Bollywood song.

But best of all, you’ll have a full memory card on your camera. I promise you that.

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