2010 = All Smiles !

It’s here. The entire cycle of 12 months is starting all over again. We are starting with another decade in the 21st century. A very happy New Year to you.

Now, I have a whole lot of expectations from this decade. The millennium started with a bug, which has been brutally crushed by the world. Buildings collapsed, Apple became famous for more than just being a fruit, vampires and wizards grew out of children’s books and became every girl’s fantasy, women attacked their boyfriend’s closet for fashion inspiration, Google became a verb, social networking was born and Barack Obama came into the limelight.

The last decade saw too many rough and ‘PG’ sights. Terrorism was treated like a breakfast topic. Guns down – it beat videogames too. George Bush gave all the non-English speaking countries a LOT of confidence. His speeches were receptive to applauses, mockery and shoes. He donated his country’s economy to the brink of annihilation. Climate change became more than just a mythical topic in our geography textbooks. Words like SARS, swine flu, dengue, Anthrax, and Bird Flu were registered in a normal person’s brain. And more than harming his body, it ripped his mind apart. Reality shows exterminated the reality from everyone’s real life. It confused my daily routine just like that last sentence confused you.
We became barbarous, ruthless, greedy, selfish….the list is really long and painful. The past decade was like a long gory story. A story that we don’t want to be reminded of.

But now that the clock has struck the melodious ring of 2010, I wonder if it will raise the spirits anew or just suffer from the previous decade’s hangover? As I said, I have some high hopes from the second decade of the second millennium. They won’t be like topless expectations which would shamelessly dance around in disco lights. The world may dream of universal education and attaining world peace, but some dreams actually look slash sound real. If you find them ridiculously ridiculous – talk to me after 10 years.

On a personal level, 2010 is a BIG year for me. Here’s what I’m am looking forward to (sort of):

– It’s my graduating year. I will have a degree in my hand by December this year
(oh you already love me? – look at the contact section. KThanksBai).

I turn 21. Somehow this age has got me really excited. Ironically it neither has any significance in Australia, nor in India. But I am still very excited about it. My “old” sisters tell me that my excitement will crash and burn in the next few years, as it is just a downhill from here on. But I refuse to fall in their trap of misery.

Sex and the City 2: the movie will be releasing in May. Now, don’t you laugh at me. I am a die-hard fan of the series. I can narrate the dialogues of every season out loud (just take my parents to the other room, when you ask me to do so). The fashion, the story line, the music and New York, everything about SATC excites me. I simply cannot wait to be ‘carried away’.

– I am planning a whole heap of vacations, roadtrips, breaks, escapades and procrastinating tours, away from Brisbane this year. After being in Australia for 3 years and sobbing over holiday pictures of my friends, I have realised that I need to travel more. I am not allowing myself to muse about travelling only because I dream of doing it. I will actually DO IT. As for the money aspect – let us just keep this post a positive one, okay! No i’m-a-poor-uni-student speeches.

– Last year, aka 2009, was a very social year for me. An outspoken and confident insect, which was hiding inside me, crawled out and I made beautiful bonds with some lovely people along the way. I hope that the coming year nurtures those relationships for me. All the new friends that have gotten to know the civilised and mature side of me will be introduced to the crazy, mad and loud me. Don’t be scared if you are one of them. I won’t harm anything, but your ears. 😀

– I also look forward to being a techno geek this year. Planning on pocketing a whole heap of devices, gadgets, widget, gizmo, and all the fancy shmancy beep-beep objects.

– All the skinny cappuccinos that await me this year are already bringing a smile to my face.

– Hoping that 2010 improves my mum’s knee problem. Hoping that it gives my dad all the satisfaction he can get from admiring his garden, via the lens of his DSLR. And it showers my sister with all the happiness in the world.

As for me, I’m only asking for 365 wonderful days – filled with giggles, sunshine, lollipops and memories.

Note: If you are a horoscope freak and want to know what the New year has in store, then you must read Sassi Sam’s Girliescopes for all star signs. And if you’re a romantic boy, then you are qualified to glance at them too.

2 thoughts on “2010 = All Smiles !

  1. A very Happy New Year and a Decade to you too.

    Must say, the New Year’s week is normally filled with chunks of text scrambling to best describe the year that was, but I’m clearly amazed at the ease at which you have described here, not the year, but the entire decade. That’s clearly the best I have read this New Year’s – loved the ‘Apple being more than a fruit’ and the closet bit.

    As for the PG sights, I’m afraid that’s likely to continue as the breakfast watch. and Climate talks and the recently concluded Copenhagen Meet, oh, I wish I don’t get started. I’d been ranting endlessly that it would be a failure somehow. Worst part here is, they could’ve had a conference on the web rather than transport all delegates to a cold region, burning fuel in travel and keeping them warm. Then how many litres of milk and thousands of biscuits did they waste before realising they weren’t getting anywhere.

    And Reality TV is a good awakening to the fact that ‘Truth’/Reality is most certainly constructed or scripted in the world today.

    As for your plans of road trips and holidays around Australia, we have that in common for I’m too tired of that poor-Uni student excuse and cheating myself from some good time.

    and congrats on graduating this year, have an amazing 2010.

  2. Lovely Plans for 2010.. I love the Travel bit..of course.. coz thats on my agenda as well! 🙂 But ensure u remember these till Dec 2010… 🙂

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