Turbans and Tandoor

On a weekend getaway from Delhi and being a good host to my visiting friend, Tijana, I made a trip up north to the state of Punjab. Our main agenda was to visit the holiest shrine of Sikhism – the golden temple in Amritsar. After 8 hours of a sleepy train ride and another bumpy ride through the old city’s frenetic lanes, we finally arrived at the gold-plated glittery gurudwara (place of worship of the Sikh). The six-degree weather conditions in Amritsar kicked the Queenslander spirit out of Tijana. It not only forced her to wear a gazillions layers of clothes but also left her with a SUPER runny nose. But that surely didn’t stop her from having a good time.

I had a lovely time walking around the cramped streets of Amritsar, where not a second went by without the sound of a horn. I think I even dreamt about blaring car and scooter horns that night. Every street corner was whisked with the smell of burning charcoal and piping hot milk. As the smoke raised from the tandoor, the cute white-bearded man daubed my paratha (Indian naan bread) with blobs of butter. After devouring the greasy and delish meal, the smell of hot jalebi (See Photo #6) creped up my nose and I succumbed to the sugary treat. I was told that one should leave their calorie-counting mind in Delhi when they make their way to any city in Punjab. I did and didn’t regret it even once.

In the span of 48 hours I would have witnessed all the possible shapes, sizes and colours of turbans that exist. And I kid you not, but it was a delightful sight. There is a twinkle in the eyes of these men and a hidden charm behind all that beard. It somehow looks like there is a permanent smile on that face. Below are a few shots that I took around the city and tried to capture that very essence of their culture. Some controversial portraits and some yummylicious food delights. Hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Oh my, what absolutely stunning photos. The colours. The diversity. You really connect with your subject from behind the camera. Clever thing you are.

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