Happy Forced-Love Day!

Don’t give me that raised eyebrow look. You heard me right. It is a forced-love day. It is a money-making day. It is the day when the flower boys go home with a loaded bank account. It is the day when guys spend all their savings on a bunch of roses for their ladies. It is the day when women get their nails and hair done. It is the day when everyone showers unconditional love on their better halves – only because they are expected to. It is the day when lots of babies are made. Ok that was a little disturbing, but whatever. You get my point.

Yes I am an anti-valentine’s day person and I think it’s only because I have spent the last 20 V-days being single. Just putting it out there before you start judging my opinion.

In the early years, I used to watch rom-coms and dream about having one of those perfect dates one day. My picks were pretty much the same every year: When Harry Met Sally, Under the Tuscan Sun, Love Actually, Casablanca, Ghost, Notting Hill, Room with a view (oh hello British accents), Dirty Dancing… and I can keep going.
But as I grew out of my teenage years, I started to get frustrated with these chick flicks. The clichéd endings annoyed me and the tacky dialogues made me want to scream. I couldn’t follow the movie tradition anymore. I was over it.

Now, in my 20th year of singledom, I feel even worse. I got more time to analyse things and I conclude that Valentine’s Day is the biggest load of shit. It is the biggest marketing gimmick.

Earlier it was just a cute holiday where getting a rose was a BIG DEAL. But now, it’s a competition. There is an expectation of getting the most expensive flowers, the best Swiss chocolates or the biggest diamond. There is no element of surprise left because everyone expects something from each other. You cannot surprise your woman or man – unless you take them to the moon. The shape, size and weight matters. And that disgusts me. You might think that I am saying that because I didn’t get any of those things today. And you might be right too. But even if I was in a relationship now, I would still be 100% anti-Valentine’s Day.

This day makes all singles feel like we have failed again. Failed at love and an opportunity to be loved. Like we aren’t good enough for the million single people out there. When we can have a mother’s day, father’s day, daughter’s day, parent’s day and lover’s day – why not have a single’s day too? When you want everyone to celebrate love for each other, then why not celebrate being independent and awesome too? I am totally keen on that one. I’m going to suggest that to Barack Obama, while you burn your pockets for that perfect present.

I hope all you love birds had a good day (and night). Just do me a favour and give her a flower tomorrow as well. Break the tradition and damage your bank account everyday.

It’s LOVE after all.

4 thoughts on “Happy Forced-Love Day!

  1. Hey.. I totally am with you on this one.. And just to tell you i’m myself going through this stage of watching chick flicks. I really liked what you wrote and somehow relate to it.. 🙂

  2. As per my own recent V Day blog rant, I say indulge in a Smug Singleton moment. You know, celebrate one of those fabulous single days – where you get to do whatever you want, to your own timetable, without consulting anyone!! AND you get to do it all the time, not just once a year.

    There are so many good things about being single. I sooooo resent these sorts of occasions that make us forget them.


    1. oh very well said Anne. I cannot NOT agree with you there. being single is fabulous and awesome. And i love it – every single day. But you know what it’s like – when we don’t have a relationship, we want one and when we are in a relationship, we want to get out of it.
      But yes, I did have a wonderful day yesterday and plan to, for the years to come 🙂

  3. I can’t read the other comments on here, so I apologize if I repeat anything…

    To be honest, I think it’s becoming more cliche to dislike valentines day than to participate … In parts of Southern Russia and The middle east it has actually been banned entirely… But the matter of the fact is it is a tradition we have celebrated since about 700AD and although with divorce rates soaring, and the stereotype that ‘single and successful’ go hand in hand, I believe that the true meaning of valentines day won’t be lost

    Yes, like Christmas and Easter some people if not most go ridiculously over board – but it shouldn’t be thought that all do …

    Love can’t be restricted and can’t be bought

    Love isn’t just for ‘couples’ and I went ad actualy bought Liz a simple bouquet of yellow roses this year, solely because I love her and because I felt as though it would make her day – which it did

    So if every year on this day, you could do a simple gesture, write a note as is tradition to one you love, and make them smile – then wouldn’t you?

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