Only photogenic cuteness

Now will you give the raised eyebrow look if I say that I hate babies/kids?
Not just dislike them – I HATE them.

They are cranky, annoying, demanding, time-taking, heavy and unpleasantly loud.

I also cannot hold a baby. There needs to be a strategic manner in which you hold the left thigh and then let the right thigh rest on top of it and then hold the bottom of the head while also supporting the back. Now I have two hands, okay? I cannot juggle a living thing in my hands.
I will drop it, fracture it, kill it.

If by now you have started judging and name-calling me – then I request you to keep reading. There’s a surprise for you.

The only thing I actually like about babies is…..photographing them. I think they are the most beautiful and innocent living thing ever created by God. Their cheeks are so big that they sag and eyes so huge that are improportionate with the face.

In the holidays, when I was in India and was playing around with my dad’s camera, I took some portraitures of babies/kids. The faces that you’ll see below allured me. They were fascinating, beautiful and exceptional. These faces had a story to tell, a charm about them, something that caught my eye. And because I don’t particularly like babies/kids, they must have been really unique to grab my attention.

Photographing babies/kids interests me the most. It brings out the personality of a person. Something that we don’t get to see whilst our interaction with them. It is a very subjective and personal aspect, only because, by focusing the lens in a certain manner, you can treat your subject anyway that you want to. I appreciate the lines of a face and freckles on a cheek more when it is in a photograph. A photograph stops any sort of distraction that might be caused in another scenario.

Before you scan through my photos, I want to direct your attention to three of my favourite photos. It is of the baby in the yellow frock with torn cheeks. She was, by far, the CUTEST BABY I have EVER seen. And I know you won’t argue with me when you see it for yourself.

Enjoy them and if you love babies/kids, give them a hug for me.

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  1. “They are cranky, annoying, demanding, time-taking, heavy and unpleasantly loud. ”

    That describes many adults I know – at least babies have an excuse 😉

    Beautiful pictures!

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