I’m Detoxicating

The term “Detox Diet” has always been on my mind. It is universally-approved word for a “diet”. If you tell someone, “I’m dieting” – you’ll know for a fact that everyone around you will give you the raised eyebrow look or laugh at you. But if you tell them, “I’m detoxing”, they’d picture you sitting under a palm tree, sipping coconut water and practising yoga. And if you say “I’m detoxing my life” – even better. No one would question you. You might even get a complimentary chai from the corner cafe. Even the term “Master Cleanse” is scary. Sounds like you’re going to do a massive poop and magically empty everything out of your system.

This whole detoxification process has always intrigued me. I have always been a no-no for liquid diets, protein supplements, grapefruit eating and olive oil drinking methodologies, but the ring of “Detox” is very soothing to my ears. It’s extremely therapeutic.

Which is why I am starting my very own Detox Diet from today. I’ve altered this baby according to my capabilities and likings. It includes 4-5 small meals a day and entails all the food groups that I love.

Now you ask, why are you doing this? Wikipedia tells me that detox diets are dietary plans that have a body cleansing effect on an individual. It is more of a lifestyle than a diet. If you chose to eat healthy all day and stay away from processed foods, you’re setting your mind to accept that. You would eventually stop craving bad food.

It is also about self-discipline. It is a habit, a practice and a way of living. The reason people practice yoga is because they want to feel connected with their inner-self. They want be in control of their core. A matter of mind over body. For me, this detox regime will act in a similar fashion. I want to be able to say no to sugary treats without going on a guilt trip. I want to stop my 11pm cravings. And most importantly, I want a stronger mind.

I know the crazy Lemon Detox Diet would never work for me. You know how that works, right? It’s basically drinking lemonade for 10 days and not chewing on any solid food. The promoters have even argued that, “you can chew water”! Umm, Whatever to you?! Even if you do lose weight in that time period, your hair would start falling (lack of protein), nails would go brittle (iron deficiency) and you would also stop pooping (no carbs).

So in order to get myself started, I amalgamated all the health articles, celebrity fitness regimes, word-of-mouth advice, my personal knowledge and made up my very own Detox Diet.

I am not setting a time period for myself and nor will I have a weigh-in session. This is not aimed at shedding any pounds and I’m also not doing this to drop a dress size. I have a few outfits in my closet that need a leaner body to fit in. I have a few marks on my face that have taken permanent residency. And I have guilty soul in me, every time I see a piece of chocolate cake. I’m doing it for all of them. In six-months time, I want to wake up feeling amazing. And perhaps bid adieu to those ugly and nasty “fat days”.

~ Drink 5 cups of green tea all day – kick start my metabolism.
~ Stay away from bread or pasta after 4 pm – allow a cup of brown rice or rye wraps, 2 times a week.
~ Sip water with lemon and pinch of cayenne pepper all day.
~ Actually have 5 serving of vegetables a day, and not substitute them with 5 servings of fruit.
~ Have protein for dinner.
~ Start developing a taste for tuna – if anyone has a different and innovative recipe for it, please get in touch with me – MUCH APPRECIATED.
~ Do not eat chicken from a can – a friend of mine nearly chopped my head off for that one. If the protein in it won’t help me, then the preservatives in it might kill me.
~ Stop eating dips like a meal.
~ Eat nuts as a snack and not a meal.
~ Get my arse to the gym at lease 5 times a week.
~ Have one eat-whatever-you-want day and not do that EVERYDAY!

Now that I’ve documented my goals, aspirations and motives. Here’s hoping that I successfully accomplish this diet for at least the first week, starting today.

I appreciate all sort of advices, rants, complaints or wishes from you. Please leave a comment for the same.

Thanks lovers.

And now, anyone wants to come and help me buy a lemon tree?

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4 thoughts on “I’m Detoxicating

  1. I’ll join you on these two:
    -Actually have 5 serving of vegetables a day, and not substitute them with 5 servings of fruit.
    -Stop eating dips like a meal.
    But that sounds like a totally justifiable detox and no i won’t use the word diet and raise my eyebrows.

    As for the tuna. If you can’t think of anything else… smother it in tomato sauce or BBQ sauce (personally i prefer BBQ).

    1. pretty interesting article. May be you can check my blog for more diet tips and recipes. I have lost about 15 Kgs in the past and started this blog to help others to achieve it and stay fit. All the best for ur venture

  2. hey….pretty Interesting Article….Loved it….. surely Green tea helps you to lose those extra fats and calories…Gud work…shiti…Keep it up…!!!Keep updating..:)

  3. It all sounds a round-about way of being healthy in mind and spirit but I have a theory that the simple things one does makes all the difference. Feel good about oneself, drink lots of water and sensible exercise (gym=no walking the dogs=sure).

    Like anyone who seeks to better themselves in whatever way (for we all should) I wish you mountains of success; but the cayenne pepper in the water thing, that’s all yours!

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