Detox update – Week 1

I have a sore back, achy legs, a fridge full of “good food” and perhaps 20% more stamina.
Who said this was easy? I wake up, every morning, craving coffee and force-gulp 3 cups of green jasmine tea down my system. I wasn’t expecting a Jessica Alba makeover. That woman got her six-pack back, three-months after giving birth to her baby. Leave aside getting pregnant, I didn’t even have a fat belly – even then, the washboard abs deal is not easy. But the mission continues. And yes! I’m a sucker for those.

Here’s a week one update.

I have been drinking around 5 litres of water daily – including 5 cups of herbal tea and lemon water – SUCCESS!
I have managed to stay away from coffee for 7 days in a row now. Tea is the substitute – SUCCESS!
Gym visit – 5 days – SUCCESS!
The 5-servings-of-vegetable-a-day rule worked for 5 days – Semi-SUCCESS!
No wheat after 5pm worked for 6 days – Semi-SUCCESS! (I had a bowl of oats last night)
Chocolate consumed – 3 (in various forms; (a few) chocolate chips and 2 squares of Lindt)- MAJOR FAIL
Best Guilt-free dessert – Frozen grapes and watermelon. Absolutely delicious – MUST TRY!

I am on my tuna-mission for this week. Hopefully it’ll be successful. I appreciate all kinds of suggestions from you all. Please feel free to comment. 🙂

This detox update was brought to you by celery, carrot and cayenne pepper.


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