Al’chemy Vitamin Hair Masque

A few years ago, my cousin looked at the condition of my limp hair and cringed. She was seriously worried about how I could still afford to wash it every second day. It was dead, tired, rough and oily.

My occasional-vegetarianism added even more fuel to the fire. I wasn’t getting the protein and vitamins that my lifeless hair would have appreciated. My intake of protein bars and egg-white sandwiches didn’t do much either. To help save me from the hairless-misery, my cousin suggested that I should invest in a leave-in conditioner.

And I did.

Al’chemy’s Vitamin Hair Masque is ideal for the damaged hair that needs to be kicked back to life again. It smells so delicious, that I contested tasting it in the shower. With all the damage we do to our hair every day; blow-drying, straightening, styling and rigorous washing (every second day for me), our hair misses out on the moisture and vitamins.

The main ingredients in the hair masque are Ginkgo, White Tea, Australian Jojoba oil and Australian certified organic Avocado oil. These unique amalgamation of ingredients protects the hair from heat and environmental damage. The sweet smell of jojoba oil retains for hours after the treatment is done.

I conditioned my hair overnight, which not only resulted in my pillow smelling like heaven, but it softened the texture of my hair. The conditioner also contains vitamins E & B5, rice amino acids and wheat protein which protects the hair from damage due to colour treatment.

It is very easy to apply and is available in your local Healthy Life stores.

150 ml Tube – $17.95


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