Benefit’s New Crescent Row Trio, Second Story

Recently, I had the opportunity to be one of the reviewers of Benefit’s new range of Crescent Row Trio Perfumer collection.
When the very lovely, Sam Winter from Sassisam, asked me if she could send me not one, but THREE perfumes – nothing could have stopped me from saying no.

I smelt new, different and delicious for two weeks. I can’t complain. It was amazing.

So ladies, if you are planning a perfume-shopping trip – then I recommend you read the review. You won’t be disappointed.

Review: Benefit’s New Crescent Row Trio, Second Story first published on Sassisam.

It goes without saying that Benefit offers the most striking, quirky and fascinating products. They are prominent on every girl’s dressing table. They must pay their packaging team a lot of money, for all the effort that is put into their products.

When I got sent Benefit’s Crescent Row trio of fragrances, the first thing that crossed my mind was – these boxes are a keeper. I can see myself dismantling them and taping them to my wall. The girlie artwork is just phenomenal.

Despite the packaging getting a thumbs-up, the important and delicious stuff is inside the box. Some perfumes’ characteristics bear their own personality. This collection is certainly one of those. The three fragrances; Lookin’ to Rock Rita, Garden of Good and Eva and So Hooked on Carmella, are based on three fictional characters

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Thanks Sam 🙂

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