Happy Tears and Sweet Success

Last week was dramatic. I woke up every morning with a killer headache, achy legs and bad dreams. Even though I was getting an average of four hours of sleep every night, they felt like none at all. It was stressful and tiring. I found myself whinging every single day.
Last week was also life changing. I stood very close to a dream position that I have been aspiring towards since the past three years. It was a pitch for the role of an editor for FROCK. PAPER. SCISSORS. magazine.

If you are clueless of what I’m talking about – let me help you out.

FROCK 2009

FROCK (follow link for online version) is an annual fashion magazine, published by the creative industries department of QUT. It is a product of QUT’s Fashion and Style Journalism unit where students, from different fields, collaborate to work on the magazine.
The first time I read/heard about FROCK was when I was still deciding on whether I should pick QUT as my potential university. And FROCK was my answer. This might sound a little vain, but I remember looking at it and saying to my dad, “I will be the editor of this magazine, one day!”

And this was it, the moment had come. Last wednesday I was due to pitch for my editorial position. After several tears, sleepless nights, cranky phone calls, long hours in Z block at QUT and tons of delirious moments – I did it. I pitched for the position and stepped out of the room with a heavy heart. It felt like someone had punched me in the face but didn’t leave a bruise. My pitch went terrible. I freaked out, didn’t say a few important things.

And there it was, sprinting towards me, all the regret and questions about my chosen career. I started doubting every good moment of my life. You know how it goes, you just feel like hiding under your sheets and never want to show your face to the world.

So this was last week… probably the most hectic week of the year.

Until yesterday. That one phone call. That voice, on the other side of the phone, made me smile from ear-to-ear.

I am now the BEAUTY AND LIFESTYLE EDITOR of Frock. Paper. Scissors. 2010!!!

My role will not just be limited to the physical, hard-copy magazine – but also the online version. I’ll be deciding and approving beauty editorials, features and profiles. And hopefully get to write a few features myself. For me, fashion is not just about clothes – fashion is in music, mascaras, graffiti culture, technology and your lifestyle.

And that’s my goal for FROCK – bringing out the fashionable side of everything, not just clothes.

It’s all very exciting. I have so many ideas, so many fabulous contacts that I can use. The next 9 weeks (before the magazine launch) will be frantically exciting.
And having looked at this year’s managerial team – I cannot wait for our first editorial meeting. Congratulations to everyone who got the roles they pitched for or didn’t pitch for (in my case)…. let the fabulous work begin!!!

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12 thoughts on “Happy Tears and Sweet Success

  1. Oh I am so excited for you!!! Congratulations – you so deserve this and it is so amazing to have had this as a goal and to have reached it!!!! Well done you are a “Frock-Star”!!! 🙂
    Cheers, Catherine – xoxo

  2. Lovely to read on your success, well done. Happy to know, that it was a dream now coming true 🙂

  3. Congratulations darling, you have worked so hard and have finally got a break! We’re all so proud of you here in cyberspace! 🙂 x

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