When an opportunity knocks on your door : Madison Gig

I remember coming to Sydney – 10 months ago – standing in front of 54, Park Street and saying “I want to work here one day”.

If you have a raised-eyebrow look and don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about, then here’s a synopsis for you.

54, Park St. Sydney = Head office of ACP magazine.

ACP magazine is the publisher of Australia’s top magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Dolly, Rolling Stone’s, Women’s Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, Madison and many more.

It is the dream office of a fashion journalist. It is my dream office.

There I was, standing in front of 54, Park St., dreaming about a potential career.

And then it happened. I came one step closer to that dream. I scored a week-long work experience opportunity with one of Australia’s biggest fashion magazines.

I will be strutting up the Park St. office on Monday morning, as an intern for Madison magazine in Sydney.

I am thrilled, grateful, excited and very nervous. I flew down from Brisbane, in the middle of a uni semester, with a mindset of selling myself. Next week, I will be shoving modesty out of the window. I don’t just want to be in the ACP building and be a victim of free-products. I don’t want to be there just so that I can tell my friends that, “I was an intern for a fashion magazine”. I want to be there because I WANT TO BE THERE.

I know I won’t be scoring a byline there but I plan to get a lot of business cards and meet plenty of wonderful people.

I have read some amazing success stories of Sarah Ayoub, Gabby McMillan, Nicole Haddow and Bethilee Keamy. And they make me want to work harder and dream bigger.

I will be publishing regular updates, as my week goes by. Make sure you come back to check them out.

For now, i just need your luck and well wishes. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “When an opportunity knocks on your door : Madison Gig

  1. Many congratulations sweetheart, what a fabulous opportunity. Make sure we get the chance to meet up at some point although I know you’ll be throwing yourself headlong into this.

    Sock it to ’em.

  2. Fantastic. You have done so many internships! Can’t wait to hear more about your week ahead, I want to know all the details. Enjoy it.

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