Shake It Baby!

Think hip shaking. Think lots of shimmies. Think Shakira’s belly moves with JLo’s booty swirls.

That is Zumba for you!

This new craze has taken the fitness world by storm and is continuing to do so. It targets every age group that walks into a gym. Whether he is a hot male hunk or a lanky nerd boy, you would find each of them trying to break a leg in a Zumba class. Not literally, of course.

Ten years ago, a crazy Columbian walked into his gym and realised that he had forgotten his gym music. He quickly scoured through his bag and found a mix tape (Yes, you heard that – TAPES in 1999) of latin music. He mixed traditional latin dance moves with aerobic techniques to create this new fitness wave called ZUMBA!

I had heard about Zumba a while back and somehow it always managed to keep the suspense alive for me. I didn’t know what it was. I got told it was African, Bollywood, Latin, Turkish and crazy. Today, when I finally experienced this hyped dance form, I found a new love. And I can say that it definitely ticked all those boxes for me. In fact, I was crazy enough to do two back-to-back classes – with the EXACT SAME ROUTINE.

I got to shake every single part of my body – without caring how I looked. That might be because I was surrounded by 40+ aged women who were doing the class with their husbands. I really didn’t have anyone to impress.

For those who don’t know what I’m on about:

Zumba is a latin-inspired dance aerobics which incorporates salsa, merengue, cumbia, hip hop, samba, bollywood and african moves. There are no rules, no weights and (usually) no pain. It is pure fun and crazy. You will laugh a lot. You will try to memorise moves to show-off on a night out (please don’t do it). And you will leave the class with the biggest smile. It makes you want to go to the gym.

If you haven’t tried it yet – and are contemplating on “how I will look because I am so uncoordinated” – STOP THINKING. Just try it out. I promise you will go back.

After all, why would you NOT want to burn that chocolate bar off while you booty-shake to choco-latte?!

Disclaimer: I have NOT been bribed by Zumba instructors to write this post. I honestly loved every minute of it and cannot wait for the next class.

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3 thoughts on “Shake It Baby!

    1. Oh god, sorry for attacking you with smiley faces… Mental note: always reread blog comments before submission. It tends to help avoid making yourself appear like one of those creepy, waaay too happy people.

      1. Haha.. you’re a funny one Roxy. In that case, I must always seem like the funny one. I ALWAYS use way too many smiley faces.
        All good!

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