Christmas with a cause: The perfect gift

Everywhere we look, there’s either a blow-up Santa dummy or a beautiful mistletoe hanging above a door. Some places are overwhelmed with catalogues on whats-the-best-present and others are just crowded with a massive flock of last-minute shoppers.
The countdown has begun, it’s only 12-days to Christmas.

Christmas presents are more than just giving a $100 Myer gift card or a fancy 2011 journal. They are personal. That little present wrapped in a crisp golden sheet of paper and carefully placed under the illuminated Christmas tree. That wrapped box makes everything in life seem perfect. Everyone’s wishes and dreams are fulfilled the minute the wrapping is ripped apart.

If you’re like me and have yet to purchase that perfect present for your work colleague slash best friend, then you better get the ball rolling.

Bush Heritage Australia has your perfect WILDgift ready to be ordered. It will not only protect threatened Australian wildlife but will also save you from the shopping trauma.

Gifts range in price from $10 to $200 and many are state specific, so you can choose gifts from all over Australia.

  • $10 – Safe Nest Eggs

With your gift, BHA could control foxes around beaches where endangered loggerhead turtles nest. This gift could buy five fox baits, which might protect hundreds of baby turtles.

  • $60 – Tassie Devil Heaven
  • Photo Credit: Matthew Newton

With this gift, you could guarantee the conservation management of 1 hectare of the devil’s woodland habitat for one whole year.

  • $80 – Wildflower Country

Imagine a carpet of wildflowers, running from your feet away into the distance. This gift could buy 2 hectares of wildflower country – the equivalent of around 40 suburban house blocks.

    Photo credit: Annette Ruzicka
  • $100 – Friendly Fire

Fire is a vital part of the Australian landscape, so burning country is important to keep it healthy. But it isn’t just a matter of putting a match to dry grass – controlled burns are a fine art.

All income from WILDgifts will support BHA’s on-ground conservation work. Bush Heritage Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to conserving Australia’s most vulnerable ecosystems and wildlife.

A full range of WILDgifts can be found at:


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