All I want for Christmas…

… is youuuu… ooh babbbyyyy!

Ok i’m getting carried away, i know! Mariah Carey has been rocking my iPod playlist. I don’t blame her but my undying Christmas spirit. Every decorated Christmas tree, every “Christmas Special” sign, all the attempted-Santa costumes and the super-expensive Myer window display – everything is screaming “holiday”!

Oh how I missed that word. H-O-L-I-D-A-Y.

Someone said “happy holidays” to me while I was grumpy at work and my head was bursting with university stress. It made me really angry, because I knew I wasn’t getting a holiday any time soon.


Until the day I got my “piece of paper”. If you haven’t noticed my continuous rants on facebook/twitter, then you’re missing out. Okay you’re not, but let’s pretend you are.



I’ve done the whole sleepless nights, crazy amount of coffee intake and a hundred-million-thousand words for 3 years. It has been a journey which has left me with a bitter-sweet memory. My parents flew down under to celebrate this journey with me and it has been nothing but WONDERFUL.


We decided to jet-set away from Bris-town and take a trip around this beautiful country. We started with Sydney, where my dad couldn’t stop wondering on how no-one was fined for jaywalking. Then we flew to the shivering capital of Victoria and boy, I wasn’t happy. Packed with sundresses and thongs, my suitcase wasn’t ready for the windy ten degrees. I scared my mummy when I told her the Australian summer is “killer”, and she laughed at me as I shivered while strolling along the Yarra river.

And as of today, 3 days before Christmas, we’re lazying on the sun deck of our hotel in Cairns where the warm sunshine and white sandy beaches are smiling upon me. We’ll be going out to the reef, walking the rainforest trail and driving to the Mossman gorge. I’ve been trying to avoid the i-am-holding-a-map-and-trying-to-locate-a-landmark look, but I don’t think i’ll last any longer. And who knows, I might spot a hot German tourist doing the same. Summer lovin’!

So, all I want for Christmas… I’ve already got it. A much-needed 10-day getaway with my beautiful parents. A degree on my resume. And of course, my materialistic self is satisfied with TWO new additions to my shoe closet.

Maybe my new year resolution should be a strict-ban from any shoe store or an increased shoe budget?! Depends what 2011 brings for me.

Maybe I need to consult Yasmin Boland. She does Shoeology, right?

Merry Christmas to you! Smash that pudding 🙂

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