Friends Forever…

Picture this – it’s your first day of school. You enter a classroom full of new faces, you’re scared. Every set of eyes is staring at you. You want to run back home and play with your plastic Barbie doll that makes you feel at-home. You want to crawl back into your bedroom and feel safe in your surroundings. If that really happened, then no one would ever make any friends.

Since pre-school through till uni days, I have had a big group of friends. Mostly because I never let anyone sit by themselves and also because I chewed their ear off until they spoke to me. But new faces never scared me. They made me curious and got me excited for future friendships. I started watching Friends (TV show) when I was only nine. Apart from the slap-stick comedy and Joey’s ‘How you doin’, I learnt what long-term friendship meant. Even though the well-scripted comedy was a fictitious TV show, it felt real and believable. Rachel and Monica had been BFFs for over 30 years. It seemed so easy to maintain. I knew that one day I would have BFFs and would never lose them for the world.

And soon enough, I got mine. A beautiful bunch of friends – all tied together in a strong knot. I knew I would never have to worry about ever being a loner. There was always that comfortable blanket around me. The comfort of being around someone who knew everything about me. On realising that I would never have to open my heart out to anyone ever again – I knew I had found my friends for life.

Until a couple of weeks ago….

It was painful, disappointing, heart-breaking and badly timed. Amongst all my present life hurdles, I was confronted with a disturbing loss. A beautiful, cherished and loved friendship was lost forever. And it was that moment when I realised that the concept of ‘friends forever‘ lasts only in greeting cards.

I wish I had the stamina in me to control someone else’s feelings. I wish I had the strength to make someone love me again. If only I could do anything more than what I already have done.

The truth is…

I can’t.

I never will be able to.

And slowly, it will be too late to change anything.

The truth is…

I will miss those random giggles and off-tune singing sessions every single day.

I will forget the exclusive nickname I got from him.

I have lost him forever.

The truth is…

I will preserve our 10-years worth of memories.

I will pray for his success in life.

And I will always love him.

“It’s an insane world but in it there is one sanity, the loyalty of old friends” – Ben-Hur

Go tell your best friend how much you love him/her right after you read this. Don’t even think about it.

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  1. It’s always hard losing friends but alas it happens, for whatever reasons. Some in our control and some not. The memories are still there though and in that way your friendship lives on. Thanks for sharing lovely xox

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