My Brisbane Chapter

As I sit on my couch and feel the familiar breeze flirt with my hair, there is a sense of nostalgia creeping down my spine. A chilling sensation of leaving something behind. Something that was so dear to my heart and something that taught me how to live and love. It’s not just the materialistic or geographical things, it’s the people, the lifestyle, the at-home feeling and most importantly the relationships this city has given me.

I only have a day and a night to bid farewell to this place. One chance to relive the past three years of my life. One last smile to my favourite barista. One last breakfast date (accompanied by The Sunday Mail) with my best friend. And one final hug to everyone that means the world to me.

When I moved to this country a few years ago, I was scared, petrified and excited. Similar to what I’m feeling now. But that was different. I was starting uni with a blank slate in the friends’ department. But soon enough, that slate was bursting with coffee dates, dinners, gallery opening meet-ups, cocktail nights and study sessions. I built friendship bonds that felt real and honest. I found a best friend, a sister, a teacher and sometimes, a mother – all in my group of friends. Every morning there was a story to tell and every night was incomplete without a girly gossip session. Some days I had an interview-blooper story when someone had their nursing-drama to narrate. There was never a phone conversation where silence felt awkward. There was never a “I love you” said without its true meaning. Neither was a tear left without it having a shoulder to land on.

From crazy karaoke nights to hungover 4WD trips. From secret sex talks to luxurious ride in a pink party hummer. From sipping cocktails in Palazzo Versace to graduating together. Our group fitness sessions were not restricted to kickboxing classes and treadmill marathons, they stretched to Zumba, beep-test and even pole dancing lessons. We packed our bags and made rash-ticket purchases to not just nearby cities, but overseas as well. There wasn’t enough coffee to put brakes in our conversation and there weren’t enough cruisers for our rapping skills to be tested.

The last three years would have been incomplete… actually, inexistent without my favourite and most beautiful girls. I am a small reflection of each of their beautiful souls. They are the introduction and the conclusion of the Brisbane chapter of my book.

But it doesn’t end here. Every memory will last a lifetime. Every giggle, argument and heated discussions will travel with me. I’m taking my share to Sydney with me. And I hope you girls will preserve yours in the safest place of your heart.

I love you all … forever.

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3 thoughts on “My Brisbane Chapter

  1. Aw Shitika this is so lovely and heart-felt! Brisbane won’t be the same without you and your inspiring bubbliness xoxo

  2. awwwww!!! I miss my friends now! 🙂 Love you honey..and they will all be with you..through your life..thick and thins..coz thats what friends are for! :):)

  3. Naww i’m gonna miss you so much!! many fun times, laughs, and random memories. and probly too many coffees. But love that you’re only moving to Sydney. same country. clicks for that!! We can even talk on the phone without echoes!

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