Stealing your Blush

Remember the time when your mum didn’t let you wear eyeliner to school. Not even a subtle dust of black kohl.

I don’t know about your mother, but mine made sure that my high school memories were make-up free. I was appreciative of the ‘anti-foundation’ movement for 20 years of my life. Almost 20. Babies don’t wear make-up, right? Unless you’re watching Toddlers and Tiaras.

I didn’t know what an ‘illuminator’ was until two year ago. My first attempt at applying a liquid eyeliner resulted in several tears. Several. I am yet to perfect GHD curls. I’ll never know the correct way of washing make-up brushes. It was only three weeks ago when a rosy-red lipstick peeped from my beauty cupboard and smiled at me.
We are currently standing on a giant beauty intersection. Look right and there’s a beauty blogger. Look left and a make-up counter with a fountain of products is glaring at you. Look up and there’s a beauty editor waving at you. Look down and you’ve shit your pants with beauty-related anxiety. There is so much information for our tiny brains that no matter how many hair masques we apply, majority of us will undergo pre-mature balding.
However, women will always be women. We still want someone to tell us what perfume to spritz on a crisp autumn day. We just can’t get enough.

Which is why, I am joining a very talented crew and adding my shrieking voice to the beautified conversation.
Ladies (and gentlemen, who are interested in our world), I am The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide’s brand new Beauty Intern.

Sparkling new. Just rinsed myself with Spray n Wipe. Fresh out of the oven.

This unexpected gig landed in my inbox over the weekend and it surprised the bronzer out of me. I have been a MWSG reader for over two years now. I was one of those annoying, unlucky readers who commented on every post and entered every competition. The kind who never win anything but retweet every post.

Today, I’m chuffed to be a part of the website. The Beauty editor, Jo Davy, and I share a similar vision for the website and its beauty department. We look forward to bringing the very best of beauty to your computer screens/iPads/iPhones/dodgy Sony Ericssons.

All you have to do is, ‘like’ the Facebook page, so you can stay updated with all the Modern beauty yarns. Duh. I’m not trying to promote a prize giveaway here.

Then send me some macarons, so I can start researching about…. how macarons assist in beauty writing.

Read my bio OVER HERE.

8 thoughts on “Stealing your Blush

  1. Shitika, I have seen u as a kid…u wont perhaps remember. We were in Heritage City. Your writing is like a breath of fresh air….cool, fragrant and mesmerizing.
    Wish all the best.


  2. thats great news!! I’ve started a little blog of my own ha joining the movement a bit late (and technically challenged) xx

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