And the nominations are …

I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t practiced my Academy Award speech. Standing in front of the mirror with a perfume bottle (closest replica) and tearing up at the sheer brilliance of all my contemporaries in the industry. Commending all the professionals who have acknowledged my talent as an actor.

Hold on… I’m not an actor. What a stupid thought.

If destiny beckons, then one day I shall interview someone at the Academy Awards and analyse their speech. I’m a journalist and i’ll stick to that. For now.

Just because journalists don’t have stylists, make-up artists, publicists, managers, paparazzi circling around them, doesn’t mean they can’t get awarded. We work hard too, you know. All the procrastination and writer’s blocks that we have to conquer – sheesh!

So, Sydney Writer’s Club is awarding us for it. They are now feeding the source of all rambles, blabbers and useless yarns by awarding the best blogger in Australia.

And the reason I’m telling you this is because I have been NOMINATED in the People’s Choice Category. Hurrah!

I started this baby about a year ago and I was pretty sure I’d get lost among all the hundred million blogs out there. I’m sure it’s still a little hard to track ‘Sweet Dreams in my World’ down (its owner is pretty short, you see).

BUT, I’ve been nominated. Yahooo!

You’re probably reading this because you’re either procrastinating or have subscribed to this blog (If you don’t fall under either of the two categories, please contact me – we might be onto something special).

I’m just fueling your procrastination by asking you to vote for me. If you’ve ever giggled at any of my posts or passed it on to a friend, then follow the steps below.

  1. Pause that video on Youtube, yes the one where the baby is dancing to Snoop Dogg’s latest song.
  2. Click on the shiny “Vote For Me Now” logo on the right.
  3. Find my blog – “Sweet Dreams In My World – Shitika Anand” on page three.
  4. Click Done.

And voila! You’ve earned yourself a double scoop of chocolate chip ice-cream.

Can you get me one too? In a waffle cone, please. Thanks.

P.S. I love your cute little socks for voting. ♥


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