‘Hat’ she known!

Pippa Middleton, Prince Harry, the permanently-shocked Grace – kindly step aside. Even though you all may look glorious on a magazine cover, post-wedding, Princess Beatrice’s wedding attire is still on everyone’s mind. No one can seem to get enough of it.

Philip Treacy designed hats for the majority of women present in the wedding chapel. I bet he wasn’t expecting one of his creations to be the laughing matter for the world. Especially when the media is talking about where Will and Kate are honeymooning (or whether Kate will sport a bikini), the public is busy photoshopping a toilet seat, an octopus, a cat, a horse and even Osama’s face on Beatrice’s poor choice of accessory.

Initially, I felt sorry for Beatrice. Her quirky style was obviously not being acknowledged. But not after I saw this ebay page. Her atrocious hat is being auctioned on ebay! And would you believe, it’s for a good cause. The money raised from the highest bid goes to UNICEF and Children in Crisis.

Interestingly enough, it has already got 64 bids with £18,400(GBP) being the highest till now. Can’t wait to see who nabs this one.
Maybe Lady Gaga’s stylist has her eye on it?

Image Credits – Google Images