Kiss Me, Colour Me

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Call it an injection of happiness in the wardrobe or just a blow of optimism in the retail conundrum, but bold colours are certainly the talk of the town. No matter which part of world you’re in, it’s almost impossible to miss the splashes of high-voltage colours on the streets, on mannequins, in runway collections… basically everywhere.

Just as nothing is off limits in the clothing department, the beauty shelves are also getting their share of appreciation for embracing the colour trend. The traditional summer beauty of sun-kissed skin with neutral shades has had a makeover, and has dived into a rainbow.

From the entire range, the most infallible make-up item for spring 2011 is a bright lipstick. Be it joyous sunshine or overcast skies, a tinted lip is an instant mood uplifter, for yourself and onlookers.

So ladies, pucker up. The awash of vivid colours is about to raid your lips and it’s time to celebrate the cheer with Even if you’re about to board a winter wonderland flight, then we urge you to reading our full guide – the colours will only make the snowfall outside a pallid blur.

Follow the link to read about preparation tips, how-to steps, product suggestions and HOT lip hues for 2011.

Click HERE to read the entire feature.

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