Pass the spinach, baby!

Before you roll your eyes at this post, I have a few confessions to make.

  1. I love fitness.
  2. Healthy food is delicious, a million times better than any fried crap.
  3. My pantry has more super food than real food (don’t even ask me what that means).
  4. I spend way too much time in a grocery store because I read the labels.
  5. I haven’t spent a cent at McDonald’s/Hungry Jacks/Oporto in almost eight years.

There I said it. While some may choose to judge me on my alleged pretentiousness (have been accused of this before), others can smile at my brand new column on The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide.


It’s called ‘The Leafy Corner’ – a place where food gossip starts.

Head over to this page to read what the buzz is about.

Every month, I uncover a new way to love and appreciate my mind, body and soul.

Join me on this journey, let’s do this. Got your trainers handy?


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