Cosmopolitan mag: Part-Time Wife

I have an article published in latest issue of Cosmopolitan Australia. After sleeping with the magazine under my pillow for a week, I’ve managed to acquire a PDF copy of the article for your pretty face. Oh, you’re welcome.

It’s a relationship piece that looks at a trend of married women who party without their wedding rings. This one was rather fascinating to research and write, especially since I’m unmarried (duh!). It’s amazing to learn what really happens in a marriage… whether call it a seven-year itch or an innocent flirt.

Click on the image below and it’ll take you to the PDF.

Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the article/trend.

Do you think married women are allowed to depart from their wedding rings? Do you do it or would you ever?

I do want to know what you think.

Until then, enjoy my loves.

3 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan mag: Part-Time Wife

  1. I must have totally skipped over your name at the end of the article, but I definitely enjoyed it – on a opinion-provoking level. As a young, recently married woman (only 23, married just under six months) I was certainly curious to read about the topic, even though I maintained my defensive nature throughout. Really fascinating!! XX

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