Why Love is Rubbish

While some of you might read the title of this post and roll your eyes in disgust or shake your head in disagreement, I’ll still stand by my decision on this guy called ‘love’.

Love is like a legal drug. Everyone is addicted to its intangible feeling. It’s what everyone wants, but very few (successfully) get. If you do get access to it, it costs a bloody bomb to acquire it; not financial money, of course not, but costing in terms of rejections, tears and a lot of struggle.

The love I have for humanity and all the wonderful people in my life is a hundred miles different from the relationship-with-a-guy kinda love. How, you ask? Well, would you marry your best friend who you grew up with since the age of 8? No. Exactly!

I am talking about life partner and relationship love, not the wonderful ones you get from parents, best friends and siblings. I am 100 percent in the game with the latter version, but the former has never visited my emotional abode.

That being one of the chief reasons I feel love is rubbish – I have never found it. I don’t know what the bastard means, how it feels or what you’re meant to do when you know what the hell it really is.

Hollywood movies comprehend the feeling to be a slow-motioned saga, while Bollywood movies make the bloody actors sing and dance on mountain tops. There is no mountain in Sydney, so I most certainly cannot do that. There goes my plan, errr! How am I meant to acquaint myself to that feeling?

The generic statement (usually from the ones who are already in love) goes something like this – “you’ll know it when it happens” or “it’ll find you when the time is right”. Err, how? Will bells ring? Will it start raining? Will dogs bark? Or will I feel butterflies in my tummy? I get that fluttery feeling when I am on a roller coaster – is that meant to be love? I think not, buddy.

Yes, I am as sceptical as one can be and I have all the reason to be. No, I haven’t been a recipient of an awful break-up (phew!), but I have also never been a recipient of that mushy apple-pie-cookie-crumble-honey-darling-pumpkin-mustard-cherry-ripe feeling.

Point is, just when you start believing in aliens and ghosts, I’ll start believing in love. How’s that for a deal?

Until then… loving my family, friends and work is enough for moi.

-End of rant-

4 thoughts on “Why Love is Rubbish

  1. I love your writing style, you never fail to make me laugh! Sometimes, i think that people believe in love because they hope that there is such a euphoric feeling. Even if deep down they know it isn’t possible/real/logical, just the slight chance that it might happen and improve their happiness keeps them holding on? Like you said, the media doesn’t help either!

  2. I think that people are fascinated by the idea of love, when in reality, it is not how you imagine it in your head. I like to think I’m in love, and that’s the thing — no one can tell you how it feels or what it’s like because everyone experiences it differently. Some people have the ‘coup de foudre’ which is like love at first sight — which can make sense on a purely biological level, as optimally, you need to find someone genetically compatible and that’s what your eyes search for. However, what makes you stay with that person is their personality etc.
    I would suggest making a list of everything you would want in a person, including things like, ‘must be taller than me when I wear heels’ or ‘must like chocolate’ and at least when you know what you want, then you will have more ease, identifying someone who fits those characteristics. You have to know where you want to land when you fall in love.
    P.s. I believe in aliens and ghosts.

  3. Haha..nice one. Its funny how you gave such an extended thought to something you think is totally rubbish!
    I may not be eligible to say this (I’m just 20)..but not everyone goes through the “mushy apple-pie-cookie-crumble-honey-darling-pumpkin-mustard-cherry-ripe feeling”. Love sometimes is just about accepting the other person with all your heart and never giving up on them 🙂

    PS: I came looking for your blog. I missed your writing at fashionising.com.

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