The real meaning of ‘Netflix and Chill’

Dear humans of the Internet,

I have some news, and it might result in instant face-palming.

You know the phrase “Netflix and Chill” that you find yourself hashtaging liberally every weekend? Yes, that doesn’t mean what you think it means.

In the innocent and modest days of 2009, “Netflix and chill” actually meant chilling on the couch while Orange Is The New Black played in the background. This slang started as a “I’ve had a tough day at work and all I want to do is roll up in child’s pose and re-watch Friends With Benefits,” but it has now become a euphemism.

A euphemism for something very R-rated.


In April 2014, the phrase was added to the Urban Dictionary with the definition: “Code for two people going to each others houses and f–king or doing other sexual related acts.”

Enter a multitude of memes and selfies where people realised what “Netflix and Chill” really meant. This happened two years ago. The realisation.

But now, we’re in 2016. And people still don’t know what it means. I find myself an audience to Snapchats and Facebook updates of people sitting with their dogs/cats/pizza boxes and captioning “Netflix and Chilling.”

NO. You are not. You are sitting on your own, or with your pet, binge watching Making a Murderer. 

Even Netflix knows what it means.

So please, stop using that phrase unless you’re actually “Netflix and Chilling.” And if you are, don’t post anything at all, because really, no one wants in on what happens in your bedroom.

Alright. Great chat. Laters.