About Shitika

Shitika Anand is a digital content creator and storyteller.

Her words have been published in WWD, Grazia Middle East, Time Out Dubai, Stylist Arabia, Elite Daily, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Australian Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Forbes Travel, CNN, Courier Mail and mX newspaper.

She’s been on-the-go since 2007 and can’t quite tell you what the concept of “home” truly means. Is it where you grew up? Or is it where you become yourself? Either way, it’s 29 stamps and counting…

Her journey has taken her from New Delhi to Brisbane to Sydney to London, to Dubai, then back to India… but don’t ask her to stay in one place for too long.

She loves music in languages she doesn’t understand, but will never listen to Justin Bieber, even if he were to release a Christmas album in Italian, and anything related to wine. Enjoy reading her unwarranted musings here.

9 thoughts on “About Shitika

  1. Aaha….You are such a Lovely Creature…..u really inspired me by your way of writing and simple thoughts about life and dreams.

    All the very best of luck for your sweet dream.

  2. Your stuff gets better and better, a wonderful read, thank you. But I have to add I can’t entirely agree with you, shit is more than good enough for me.

  3. You have so many thoughts running in your mind.. wow, excellent and great job writing shitika

  4. You have simple writing yet thought provoking … all the best
    i can see you already reaching heights.

  5. Love the introduction, it’s adorable! And I know you’re this bubbly little thing! Keep writing, it’s beautiful 😀

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