The Thailand You Need To Know About

It was two summers ago when I’d decided, if anyone mentioned going to Thailand to me one more time, I’d bitchslap them.

Whether it was a best friend from my pre-pubescent years or my 75-year-old neighbour teasing me with her coloured granny pants (don’t ask). Thanks to the Hangover series, in my mind, Thailand was all about gay clubs that would rave until 7am, seedy massage parlours tucked away in dark alleyways, and malevolent people hugging a drugged-up tiger.

However, this spring, in a very foot-meet-mouth situation, I planned my own trip to Thailand.

Here’s why: Continue reading “The Thailand You Need To Know About”

Healing under the moonlight

“We’re going for a traditional full moon ceremony on the beach tomorrow night. It’s a big deal around here. Please make sure your knees and elbows are covered. And try to dress in shades of white,” announced Alex, experience leader at Unsettled.

Arguably one of the most famous villages in the tropics (Thanks Julia Roberts a la Eat Pray Love), Ubud has been a spiritual guide for over one million expats in the last few years. In a town full of self-titled healers, modern-day hippies and medicine men, finding your spiritual self can get very confusing. Exhausting, even. Especially if you’re not the kind who has a turmeric shot at dawn and bodes a mala bead necklace during an Ashtanga yoga class. Continue reading “Healing under the moonlight”

Open letter to flaky men


Hey you,

How’s your day been? Good? Can we chat?

So here’s the thing – as a writer, I take it as my personal responsibility, on behalf of my girl gang, to pen this one for you. I’ll never become that feminist who wants to light a fire cracker under your arse and wish your handsome posse didn’t exist. There’s no fun in that. Somehow our generation finds joy in the stupid games that men and women play with each other. I can live with that; I like games and I’m very competitive.

However, let’s talk about conversations that start with ‘Why do guys’. I’ve found myself an audience to these, and a narrator more recently. Tell me, why do you guys flake away? You know when you text but don’t hang out, pen pal us after the third date, and make plans but don’t follow through? You’re hot, then cold again, then really hot, then ice cold again, before you fade into oblivion. Continue reading “Open letter to flaky men”

The Beauty Of Solo Wandering


“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

Words by the brilliant travel writer, Freya Stark in her 1932 book “Baghdad Sketches”. Words that I want to swallow and then spew them out so I can claim them to be my own.

Jumping into the unknown has become my favourite hobby. As ridiculously intimidating as it is, not knowing what the next morning will bring, it’s just as exciting to know that there is a next morning – full of adventure – staring right at you. You don’t have anyone to report to or no one to please with how you plan your days. And this drug-like feeling of the unknown is what I’m chasing for in 2016. Continue reading “The Beauty Of Solo Wandering”